About Us

Square One Athletics is all about being inclusive and encouraging to anyone and everyone looking to make a healthy change in their life. Being active is a great stress reliever and mood lifter. Whether it be hitting the gym, going for a bike ride, running a track, or playing your favorite sport with some friends, all of these are part of a healthy and active lifestyle that will make more of a difference than you may realize.
For people that want to start going to the gym and take the first step in making that change in their life it can definitely be scary and way outside of your comfort zone. I know for me it was. It has made a world of change in my life though and for that reason it is beyond worth it to take that step outside of your comfort zone. I have become much more confident in myself and there is no better feeling than looking back at old pictures and seeing progress. I want everyone to be able to feel the same way because it really is such a rewarding feeling to see even the slightest of progress towards your goals. 
So go for that run you’ve been thinking about or hit the gym with some friends to make yourself more comfortable and take that first step towards creating a better version of yourself. Remember, everyone started somewhere.
- Parker Perry, Founder